Sharjah Police Approved CCTV Installation

We are Sharjah Police approved Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) & CCTV Installation Company in UAE.Sharjah Police approved cctv companies, need help with wireless ip camera OR CCTV camera installation and cctv maintenance in Sharjah, Dubai and across UAE.Al Shiraa , the Authorized GOLD Distributor of HIKVISION ( First Choice for Security Professionals) in UAE , We provide wide range of it & security solutions such as CCTV camera, access control & biometrics solutions, time attendance system, IVR, video recording. Our products are designed to meet the best quality standards, reliability & safety features. From the very simple security surveillance task to large integrated access control solutions, today Al Shiraa promise to deliver the right technology to meet the challenges of today’s modern business world.
We offers the best security cameras in Sharjah at a very competitive price along with CCTV solutions and maintenance in Sharjah.

Sharjah Police Approved CCTV Installation and Annual Maintenance Service.

Sharjah Police has been executing every nook and corner of Sharjah will be under surveillance as the police aims to install more security cameras across the emirate for crime prevention and detection.
Our specialists are completely prepared and qualified to introduce the surveillance camera frameworks immaculately. We provide all types of security cameras, video surveillance equipment, as well as all the video surveillance accessories including DVRs, NVRs, Analog Cameras, HD Cameras, IP Cameras, cables and connectors in Sharjah, UAE

ColorVu Camera

Hikvision ColorVu Technology enables cameras to produce colorful videos even in extremely dimly lit environments. Hikvision has been leading the security industry in imaging for years. That tradition continues with our powerful new Hikvision ColorVu Technology.Read More..

Network Camera

Network Camera or IP Camera are high-leveled computerized cameras are moderate and simple to-oversaw camcorders for physical security and enhanced efficiency. It utilizes PC systems to transmit picture information and interfaces with the Web for remote controlling and review by a remote. There is assortment of IP camera for organizations and government structures, and disentangled adaptations for home.Read More..

Thermal Camera

The Thermal Cameras are extremely amazing. These cameras create the image from the heat passed from any object passed by – it can be a vehicle or person. Thermal Camera react well in the low light conditions, for example, the shadow, backdrop illumination, murkiness and so on… also, where it deliver pictures that empower the clients to distinguish and follow up on the circumstances all through.Read More..

Analog Camera

The Analog camera is considered the most effective means to detect early signs of threat and provides you visual evidence of a security breach, as well. Al Shirra offers an array of hi-end analog cameras / wireless IP cameras that is ideal for domestic and business applications. IP cameras transmit and receive data via a network and can be viewed and controlled remotely with just internet access. Analog CCTV Camera can address most of your security concerns in a cost effective way.Read More..

PTZ Camera

TZ Cameras utilize container, tilt and zoom to give both wide-territory inclusion and extraordinary detail with a solitary camera. Extraordinary picture quality and the capacity to zoom in make it conceivable to check identified security occasions.The result is maximum protection and minimum costs.Read More..

Network Video Recorder

NVR is a video recorder connected to your network that records video footage from the IP cameras also connected to that network.It may be required to store and access high-quality images produced by the IP surveillance system for the future purposes. NVR serves the purpose of recording and saving high-quality data that is captured through the IP cameras. Network Video Recorder (NVR) manages the network based video surveillance in an efficient and reliable way. Being a component of the IP networks, NVR can be remotely managed and accessed through the local network or internet.Read More..

Digital Video Recorder

Digital Video Recorder system isn’t just about surveillance, even if! A DVR application provides you more than that, like hard drive recording. Hard drive recording makes it simple and easy to track and play back prior recordings. You can also play back more than one camera all at once. All the footage is saved in accessible file/folder on your pc. Moreover, it offers the features of remote monitoring, easy and quick searches, great storage and much more. In the early years, the footages had been recorded and stored on the videotapes as opposed to disks. But now the strategy of storing the videos on a video tape is not all effective.Read More..


Video encoders, also known as video servers, enable an existing analog CCTV video surveillance system to be integrated with a network video system. … It enables users to gain the benefits of network video without having to discard existing analog equipment such as analog CCTV cameras and coaxial cabling.Read More..

Video Intercom

Hivision audio and video intercom system can help secure your property by allowing you to visually confirm, and audibly speak to visitors to your home or business, without risking forced entry by unlocking and opening the front door. Hikvision’s modular intercom products are available in two technologies, IP and 2-Wire technology, with both supported by common accessories.Read More..

Access Control

We are a leading supplier of biometric systems across UAE. We have successfully integrated and installed state of the art biometric security devices like iris scanners fingerprint and hand readers. Unlike keys, cards, passwords or pin codes, biometric security readers provide non transferrable access control that cannot be deceived or fooled – individual must be physically present in front of the recognition device to gain access.Read More..

Network Storage

Hikvision has established an extensive and well-developed line of storage products, combining high data density, modularized design, data safety, and device management technology.Read More..